Early Intervention Program

Our Early Intervention Program is a comprehensive training program which focuses on children between ages 3-6 years. Soon after the child receives a diagnosis, the treatment choice you make will influence the social intellectual and psychological functions of the child. The earliest, intervention begins, the more it will help your child, because the earliest days in a child’s life plays a pivotal role as

to what person the child will grow into.Under our Early Intervention Program, our team of therapist, whose expertise can ease the concern of the parent by supporting and aiding the child to learn skills,

they will need to survive without hazzle. It has been noticed that kids with development delay or disorders have multiple issues in areas like Speech and Language, Various Psychological conditions,

learning disabilities and major obstacles with daily functional skills. In our Early Intervention Program, apart from Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or any services provided in our center as per the requirement of the child, we also focus to train the child to learn self-management skills like,

toileting, feeding oneself, daily routine, following instructions in a class room setting and supporting the child in academic difficulties. Through our Early Intervention Program, a child can develop language and communication, socialization, attention, self-help, self-awareness and cognition.