Infant Stimulation Program

Early start is an invaluable investment in the future, because the earlier a development delay or disability is identified, the greater impact we can have in ensuring that a child is able to achieve his or her maximum life potential. It begins immediately after the child is assessed with the diagnosis of a

condition or a developmental delay. Infant Stimulation programs are organized programs of enrichment designed to provide developmentally appropriate activities to babies and toddlers who are at risk for a variety of conditions including disorders, illness, other developmental delays etc. that may interfere with their ability ultimately to have a full and productive life. It functions to provide sensory enrichment for Infants and toddlers who are otherwise deprived of it. Trying to supplement

sensory modalities like visual auditory tactile to an infant as a therapeutic intervention to achieve appropriate developmental milestones are the key purpose of the program.

Infant Stimulation support for Infants and toddlers Our Infant toddler Program includes floor time, play therapy, language stimulation techniques and parent education and training.