MRI Scan

Maximize the power of 1.5 tesla with Magnetom aera. Deliver exceptional quality and speed. Consistent result. The system weight is (in operation) 4.8 tonnes and the bore size is 70 cm and the design is open bore design. Gradient strength is XJ Gradients (33 m T/ m @ 125 T/m/s). The patient up to 200 kg can accommodate in the machine.

We are well managing the claustrophobic patients by empathy and diversional therapy like music.

Other specifications

1.5 Tesla MRI produces more clear images and allows for a faster scan time. To communicate with the technician during the scanning process we have 2-way communication system.


  1. Mri neck
  2. Mri knee/foot (left or right)
  3. Mri spine (cervical, lumbar, thoracic)
  4. Mri abdomen (with or without contrast)
  5. Mri pelvis (with or without contrast)
  6. Mri breast (bilateral) [with or without contrast] (seperate coil for mri breast)
  7. Mri anal canal and rectum (fistulogram) [with or without contrast
  8. Mri both upper and lower extrimities
  9. mri whole body scan
  10. mri and mra brain
  • Helps in early detection of any abnormal growth and also helps in follow up of previously known condition.
  • Early detection of cancers can change the type of treatment option that will be available to the patient.